September Updates: On Faith, Grandparents and “Uncles”

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Faith in Something
The world lost a great man a few weeks ago: my godfather and pseudo-uncle Bob “Butch Kalchbrenner.  He and his wife Gloria are those salt-of-the-earth people who always put others’ needs before their own. It’s ironic that my “Uncle” Bob has always had a bad heart because I don’t know many people with a larger and kinder heart than his.
Butch was truly an inspiration on how to live and how to treat people during your short time here. On the Official Godfather Requirement Checklist, he checked all the boxes. I’m better for having known him. What better legacy is there?
Grandparents Day is Sunday, September 11
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Returning to Anne’s Haven Next Month
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Featured Story:
Bob Kalchbrenner
After two heart bypass surgeries, several cardiac ablations, four pacemakers, and cardioversion defibrillation procedures, Robert (Bob, known as Butch to family) Kalchbrenner may not have the healthiest heart but it hasn’t affected his ability to love his wife Gloria of 50 years.
“She’s the best thing that ever happened to me.”
They met in 1961 at the Beverly Lounge, a local hotspot on the southside of Chicago. Gloria Schick was there with her friend Sharon Hurley. Bob was out with two friends, Bob Walsh and Bob Tracy. This naming coincidence caused quite the confusion later, when Sharon mentioned to Gloria that “Bob” liked her and wanted to ask her out.
After figuring out which Bob was interested, Gloria agreed. On their first date, Bob, acting the gentleman, drove to Gloria’s parents house to pick her up. As Gloria was upstairs getting ready, Bob sat nervously in the Schick’s living room, when an awkward exchange took place.
Gloria’s mom: Butch! Get out here in the kitchen!
Bob: Ok.
Gloria’s mom: Where are you going, young man?
Bob: Into the kitchen.
Gloria’s mom: I was talking to the dog… Butch.
In memory of Robert A. “Butch” Kalchbrenner
December 21, 1940 – August 17, 2016

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